13 March 2015
by Philip Layton


Jesus provides teaching on the Sabbath, love for enemies and judging others

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Discussion Questions

  • How easy is it to personally implement verses 27-36?
  • Which of the builders are you in verse 48 and 49?

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Going Deeper –  from 'Words of Life'

Selwyn Hughes wrote in Every Day With Jesus , ‘In Christian circles we talk easily about forgiveness. But do we really understand what it cost God to forgive?’ 

Forgiveness is always at great cost to the forgiving one. We take the hurt and turn it back upon ourself. Forgiveness means taking our own pride, indignation and hurt, and throwing them into the flame of love. This is what God does when he forgives: ‘He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree’ (1 Peter 2:24).

Divine forgiveness is costly. It cost God his only Son.

Recently I preached about forgiveness, based on today’s Scripture reading. I spoke about putting into practice what is so evident in the Bible.

The following true story illustrates this for us. One of our drivers disappointed his leaders and colleagues by his addictive behaviour. He shared his desire to change his ways by trusting in the power of Christ to change him. He attended a healing ministry, was counselled and was touched by the Holy Spirit.

The next morning he shared his story with me, including his decision to bear gladly any hard words said by his colleagues who distrusted and disliked him. Believing what he said, we gave him another opportunity to drive the car. You may wonder what happened next. He is a very skilful driver, but he unexpectedly bumped the car into a concrete post and completely smashed the glass at the back.

He came to me with a sad face, saying he was very sorry for what he had done and was even willing to bear the cost of replacing the rear window.

Instantly I found no words to say to him, but I knew this was a time for testing how many times I could forgive my brother. We must practise what we preach!

Beverly Ivany
Photo courtesy of freebibleimages.org

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