12 March 2015

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Jesus begins calling his disciples and performs miracles of healing

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Discussion Questions

  • Why do you think Jesus ordered the leper not to tell anyone of the healing?
    What deeper purpose did Jesus demonstrate in healing the paralysed man

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Going Deeper –  from 'Words of Life'

This text provides us with a lovely reflection of the story of the healing of the paralytic in Matthew 9 and Mark 2. In those accounts, the friends of the paralysed man carried him to Jesus because he was unable to walk. Today’s reading tells how ‘some people’ guided a blind man towards Jesus, begging for his healing touch.

What friends those ‘some people’ must have been! Realising that their companion couldn’t see the Saviour, they took the initiative in steering him in the direction of the One who could restore his sight.

What does this say to us about those we know – our family and friends, colleagues and neighbours – whose spiritual eyesight needs the touch of God so that they might catch a vision of the Cross? Will we who once were blind carry our loved ones and acquaintances in prayer, pleading at the throne of grace for them to be made whole? What a privilege to carry everything – and everyone – to God in prayer!

No doubt the throng surrounding Jesus inadvertently obstructed the route of those kind souls. They would have had to jostle and persevere, but they pushed through to their objective. And so must we, when various hindrances we meet as we approach God’s mercy seat. We should never be discouraged!


Why not make a list of people who can’t yet see for themselves the love of God? Resolve to pray regularly for each of them, asking God – the divine optician – to open their eyes. Now reflect upon those moments that reveal to us the faithfulness and mercy of our heavenly Father.

Beverly Ivany
Photo courtesy of freebibleimages.org

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