10 July 2015
by Philip Layton

Light in the darkness

God’s wisdom revealed

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Discussion Questions

  • In what way is the gospel easier for the intellectually humble to accept than it is for the intellectually proud?

  • How is God’s wisdom superior to any human wisdom?

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Going Deeper From 'Words of Life'

Pause for a moment and bring to mind someone who, in your opinion, is wise. It may even be someone who has passed on, yet is remembered with a great fondness and deep appreciation. What qualities did they have that made them wise? In what ways did their wise counsel help you?

Godly wisdom is essential for our spiritual growth. Yet we are told in this letter that certain things are hidden from us:

No, we speak of God’s secret wisdom, a wisdom that has been hidden and that God destined for our glory before time began (v 7).

But Paul goes on to say the Spirit reveals to us God’s wisdom in his time: as we read and study his Word; as we spend time in prayer, communing with the source of all wisdom. Can we even begin to comprehend, to ‘conceive’ what God has in store for us – if we trust him implicitly for the days that lie ahead? The door lies before us. He longs for us to burst through – with eyes wide open, to see all the opportunities for us. Dreams, possible because of God’s profound love for us. Wisdom revealed. How marvellous. How astounding. How thrilling!

Are we ready? Are we able to move forward – with great anticipation – and participate in all God has for us? Paul says a resounding ‘Yes!’ because:

…we have the mind of Christ (v 16).

How beautiful, how humbling, how wonderful is our God!


Make contact with someone you consider wise. Encourage them. Affirm them. Thank them for all they are doing. Then pray for them; or better still, pray with them. It will bless God’s heart!

Beverly Ivany
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