10 April 2015
by Philip Layton


Jesus changes water into wine and clears the Temple

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Discussion Question

  • Do you think Mary was fully aware of Jesus’ power?

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Going Deeper from 'Words of Life'

The priests thought it would be a great idea to exchange foreign money for Jewish currency when people came to celebrate the Passover. Also, they sold animals for the sacrifices. Convenient for the travellers; certainly ‘convenient’ for those making a profit! They set up shop, and it soon became a lucrative business!

The problem was, it all took place in the Temple court. It would be like us setting up a regular trading stall in our church, with people focusing more on the selling than on worshipping God.

Jesus went to the temple, saw what was taking place, and was furious – to the point of taking a whip and driving them all out. He overturned the exchange tables, saying to those selling the pigeons:

‘Take them out…you must not turn my Father’s house into a market’ (v 16 NEB).

The Temple needed a complete cleansing . To be rid of the circus atmosphere created in selling animals and exchanging money. To get back to its original purpose: a place where people gathered to meet with God.

We read this account and shake our heads. What were the people thinking? But does materialism ever creep into our churches, our corps?

Do we ever get caught up in thinking about ‘things’ rather than focusing on worshipping God – even on a Sunday? Does our church need cleansing? Do we  need cleansing today?


Lord, on this third day of the congress I simply want to worship you.

I also pray that you will help me daily to reveal a life that is pure and holy – and pleasing to you, O God.

Beverly Ivany

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