09 June 2015
by Philip Layton


Paul escapes an ambush

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Discussion Question 

  • Paul divided the Sanhedrin by using his knowledge of different beliefs (vv 6, 7). Did he manipulate the truth or was his statement entirely accurate?

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Going Deeper from 'Words of Life

When Paul returned to Jerusalem after his third missionary journey, he knew the possible fate that awaited him. He faced an angry mob, accusing him of false teaching and polluting the temple. Before the crowd he defended himself by sharing his testimony. He then waited to declare the gospel message.

His heart’s desire was to share the gospel with anyone who would listen; to communicate with others, telling them of Jesus Christ. He travelled for many years, under very difficult circumstances, telling both Jews and Gentiles of God’s love. He was beaten, tortured and imprisoned; but it didn’t matter, because it was all for Jesus. Christ’s mandate for Paul is also ours. But how can we effectively communicate and connect with others?

Advances in communication have been astounding since the 1800s. The fastest communication available in 1840 was Samuel Morse’s electric telegraph. The invention of the telephone followed in 1876; television broadcast began in 1930; computers were sold commercially in 1951; the fax was introduced in 1966; cellular phones were used in 1979; and the mind-boggling World Wide Web was launched in 1999, making communication and connections happen at the speed of light. New breakthroughs and discoveries are still happening even as I write these words. We’re constantly demanding a faster world, to connect more efficiently.

Paul did all he could to connect with people, to communicate the message of Christ. It eventually cost him his life; but he could do nothing less. It was part of the fabric of his being. We are also mandated to share the message of Jesus. Connecting with others is vital. And so, this day, may we reach out, touching another’s life – in the name of Jesus.


Father, help me to connect with people today on a deep, spiritual level. Whether in conversation, or by email or letter, I want to let others know of your everlasting love – that will change their lives forever

Beverly Ivany

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