08 January 2015

Jesus starts preaching, healing and calling his disciples

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Discussion questions

  • Do you think the author is symbolically describing a dark period of doubt and testing in Jesus’ life, or is he describing events that actually happened, including the existence of the devil?
  • Do you think the devil literally exists? Do you think angels literally exist?
  • Where did Jesus live when he began his ministry?

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Going Deeper – From 'Words Of Life'

As Jesus was walking beside the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon called Peter and his brother Andrew. They were casting a net into the lake, for they were fishermen. ‘Come, follow me,’ Jesus said (vv 18, 19).

Have you ever heard Jesus calling you? We instinctively know that answering his voice will mean certain sacrifice. We sometimes struggle with that call; even fight it. But it is something we must do – if we want to have inner peace and joy:

I heard a voice so gently calling:
Take up thy cross and follow me.
A tempest on my heart was falling,
A living cross this was to be;
I struggled sore, I struggled vainly,
No other light my eyes could see.

(SASB 490 v 1)

Agnes Parker Heathcote trained to be an officer in The Salvation Army in the late-19th century, but after marrying she and her husband decided to serve in the Anglican Church. Agnes wrote this song, which speaks of God’s call. Both verses challenge us about taking up our cross and following Jesus:

I heard his voice unto me saying:
Take up thy cross and follow me.
My heart is thine, now thee obeying,
Speak all thy will, dear Lord, to me.
Make weakness strength, thy power now give me,
And from this hour I’ll follow thee.

(v 2)

Are we willing today to take up our cross and follow Christ? If we are saying, ‘Yes!’, then let’s sing the refrain right now as our united response:

I’ll follow thee, of life the giver, I’ll follow thee, suffering Redeemer,
I’ll follow thee, deny thee never, By thy grace I’ll follow thee.

Beverly Ivany
'By His Hand' produced by Gary Rose


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