07 October 2015
by Philip Layton

Timothy is told to oppose those who have ‘departed from the truth’ (v 18)

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Discussion Questions

  • First the ‘soldier’, then the ‘athlete’ and then the ‘farmer’ (vv 3-7); what lessons do you think Paul is trying to teach?
  • Paul condemns those who claim that the resurrection had already taken place (v 18). What can we learn from this? How might this verse help substantiate the belief in a future rapture of the Church?

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Going Deeper From 'Just a moment, Lord'

Today, Lord, I see my life like a highway,
I look back and, as far as memory can trace,
I see unfinished things thrown aside. 

I have been a veritable litter-bug in this respect.
The thrill of starting something fresh;
the enthusiasm for a new idea;
the joy of creating;
then the slackening of interest as the new venture palled.

Laying it aside;
forgetting it for many days
and finally throwing it away. 

It’s not wrong, Lord, to have thrown so much aside.
The fault was in beginning too much.

As a child it is good to try one’s skills;
but adults must discriminate. 

If I accept this, I must relinquish that;
if I give time to this, I must sacrifice that;
if I choose this, I must renounce that. 

I need wisdom, Master.
I need your help, your guidance.
For I have only one life to live,
only so much time invested in the bank of life, 
and I want my life to count. 

To count for good;
to accomplish something useful;
to help bring in your Kingdom. 

Show me, then, what things are worthwhile, Lord,
and help me do them with all my heart and mind.

Flora Larsson
Video by Gary Rose

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