07 May 2015
by Philip Layton


Jesus guides the disciples to a miraculous catch of fish and reinstates Peter

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Discussion Questions

  • Is there any reason for mentioning that 153 large fish were caught (v 11)?
  • In verse 15 is Jesus referring to the other disciples or the fish?
  • Verse 24 identifies the beloved disciple as the Gospel writer.

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Going Deeper from 'Words of Life'

While studying English literature at university, in my final year I was privileged to attend two lectures on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet given by a professor who was a world-renowned expert on that play. I arrived at the first lecture to find the lecture theatre close to full rather than the usual half-full status and was told by a friend, as we took our seats, that some former students and other tutors also chose to attend this professor’s lectures.

I discovered why – the lecture was brilliant! The professor provided us with some insightful comments on one of history’s greatest plays.

A week later, it was time for his second lecture. It was, I confess, the only lecture in three years of university for which I woke up early and excited, and I took my seat in the lecture theatre well before time. Amazingly, the lecture was even more stunning than the first and concluded with a standing ovation for the lecturer.

In the week leading up to his crucifixion, Jesus taught at the temple each day and the crowds went there early to – I imagine – get a good seat and not miss a word from this master teacher. Do you ever get excited about learning something new from Jesus? There are times when a familiar Scripture passage suddenly comes alive with new meaning for me and I gain a fresh insight into who Jesus is. It’s thrilling to learn from the Master!

Who did the crowds at the temple believe Jesus was? They believed he was a wise teacher, worthy of their attention. In the next few days, however, they would learn he was much, much more.


Reflect for a moment on something you have learnt recently about Jesus, then reflect on something that God has revealed to you about yourself.

Beverly Ivany
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