07 April 2015
by Philip Layton


The crucifixion, death and burial of Jesus

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Discussion Questions

  • What would have been the repercussions for us if Jesus had proved his power and authority and saved himself in response to the dying criminal’s insults?
  • What day of the week did Jesus die (v 54)?

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Going Deeper from 'Words of Life'

Through all the pain, agony and suffering on the cross, Jesus still thought of others. When the nails – those sharp spikes – were driven into his hands and feet, it was all for us. Jesus had such compassion, even then. He loved, and still loves us, that much. When hanging on that cruel cross, Jesus asked forgiveness for those who crucified him. In fact, he bought that forgiveness with his own blood – which then became available for all people.

Two criminals hung on either side of him; bitter, no doubt hardened men. But one eventually rebuked the other. Then he asked Jesus to ‘remember’ him when he came into his Kingdom. Jesus promised him Paradise.

Have you ever thought much about Paradise; about what Heaven will really be like? After all, if we are faithful to Christ we will be there one day – joining so many others. Home. For some of us, maybe our time of departure for Paradise isn’t too far away. For all of us, no one knows what tomorrow holds.

Randy Alcorn, in his book Heaven , says: ‘If Heaven is truly our home, we should expect it to have the qualities we associate with home. Home as a term for Heaven isn’t simply a metaphor. It describes an actual, physical place – a place promised and built by our Bridegroom; a place we’ll share with loved ones; a place of fond familiarity and comfort and refuge…a place of unprecedented freedom and adventure.’

The thief on the cross was given the gifts of forgiveness and eternal life.

For us, if we’re faithful to our Lord, the future is bright and beautiful – life everlasting with Christ our Saviour. What joy lies ahead! Such hope.

Paradise, with Christ. Hallelujah!

Beverly Ivany

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