06 May 2015
by Philip Layton


The resurrected Jesus appears to his followers

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Discussion Questions

  • Why do you think Mary didn’t recognise Jesus (v 14)?
  • What was the significance of locked doors and what can be learned from this (v 19, v 26)?
  • As Jews the disciples knew that only God was to be worshipped. Note what Thomas said (v 28) and how Jesus accepted his declaration.

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Going Deeper from 'Words of Life'

Thomas said to him, ‘My Lord and my God!’ (v 28). 

All there is of me, Lord, all there is of me,
Time and talents, day by day,
All I bring to thee:
All there is of me, Lord, all there is of me,
On thine altar here I lay
All there is of me.

(SASB Chorus 34)

 At times in my life it has been so hard to give all of me to God – and my focus is not so much on the word ‘all’ as the word ‘me’. As a husband, I committed my marriage to God. As a father, I dedicated my two children to God and made solemn promises to him. When I became a Salvation Army officer I covenanted to serve God and fulfil the tasks and obligations of an officer. As a corps officer I brought people to God, with the Holy Spirit’s guidance. As a writer in a Salvation Army editorial department I pray God will inspire me and use my words for his purposes.

It’s easy to commit lots of things to God, including parts of my life and the gifts he has given me; but does this mean the same as ‘me’ to God? Apart from what I can do and how I can serve and what obligations I make, have I really given all of me to God?

I want God to have all of me: my time, talents, energy, body, mind, soul, emotions, intellect, personality, desires, attitudes, passions, commitment, private life, public life, family life, church life, spiritual life.

I want God to have me. He made me; I’m his. Without God I am nothing. It’s nonsensical for me to try to be a good husband, father, brother, son, officer, neighbour or citizen without placing God first. I am what I am only because he is what he is in my life.

Lord, on thine altar here I lay…all there is of me.


Reflect on the chorus and the Scripture, including John 1:12, 13 – and reconsider the relationship you have with God.

Beverly Ivany

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