05 October 2015
by Philip Layton


Paul gives instructions about false teachers and the love of money

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Discussion Questions

  • Replace ‘master’ with ‘employer’ and ‘slave’ with ‘employee’ and see if these instructions (vv 1, 2) can be applied to everyday Western working life.
  • Have there been times when you have been tempted to focus more on money and possessions than on being faithfully obedient to God (v 10)?
  • What do verses 17-19 mean and how could you apply them to your life?

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Going Deeper From 'Words of Life'

Paul gives his final charge to Timothy – his ‘son’, now a ‘man of God’. He is to flee from all that is distracting or discouraging, and to take the higher road of godliness and holiness:

But you, man of God, flee from all this, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness (v 11).

If Timothy kept his eyes focused on God, ‘pursuing’ all that was good and holy, he would not only ‘make it’ – he would be doing all God ever expected of him. The enemy is always out there. This is why Paul infers that life is a battleground, and we must ‘fight’ the good fight of faith! To take hold of the eternal life that is ours.

It comes down to making a commitment to a Spirit-filled lifestyle. Walking the talk. Living in tune, daily, with the Lord. Trying to be a man or woman of God who ‘flees’ from all that might bring us down spiritually; then living the way God wants us to. Fighting off all that is corrupt and unholy, and turning that ‘fight’ energy into a good fight – all for God and for the faith.

It’s interesting that Paul chooses to close this letter by speaking about riches and wealth. A few of us might be wealthy but many, if not most of us, are rich in numerous other ways. We are blessed with family, friends, health, shelter, food, work. And most of all, blessed by our faith.

But what do we do with this ‘wealth’ of blessings? It’s about stewardship; what we do with these blessings, our riches. Giving our gifts and talents to the Lord. Opening our homes to others. Sharing food with those in need. As Paul says to Timothy at the close of this letter, we are to ‘guard’ what has been entrusted to our care. To treasure what God has given us, and be willing to share our many blessings with others. It is then that God will say:

Grace be with you (v 21).

Beverly Ivany

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