05 March 2015


As predicted in Mark 10:34, Jesus defeats death and is resurrected

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Discussion Questions

  • Is it understandable or incredible that Jesus’ followers still had difficulty in believing he had risen until they had seen him for themselves?
  • How important to your faith is a belief in the Resurrection?

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Going Deeper –  from 'Words of Life'

In most translations of the Bible we’re told that today’s Scripture reading is not found in the earliest manuscripts. Yet scholars tell us the same verses were  in circulation by the middle of the second century. They go on to say that Mark intended to end his Gospel with ‘good news’, but that the last part of what we know to be chapter 16 was somehow lost in the early transmission of the text. This section was at least partially found – enough given to supply us with the final 12 verses. Believing all the words contained are from God affirms that they are authentic and meant for us today. For they’re about the Resurrection and the Ascension. Between the two, the Great Commission:

Go into all the world. Some people are  able to go to different countries in order to share the gospel. But the ‘world’ might mean right where we live.

Our  world, neighbourhood, community. It means getting out of our comfort zone; being willing to ‘go’.

Preach the good news. For some it is about preaching from a pulpit. But even then, it’s about preaching by the way we live and sharing ‘the good news’ with all those who need to hear. To ‘preach’ might mean having coffee and a chat with someone. It’s letting others know of Christ.

To all creation. As we go into the world, preaching the good news, we must live responsibly. Caring for God’s creation, the environment; caring for his created beings. Loving and caring for people of all ages, race, social status. Are we living life as authentic disciples – commissioned as ambassadors for Christ?


Lord, I accept your commissioning upon my life afresh today. Help me to represent you well, so others will come to accept your good news for themselves – changing their lives forever!

Beverly Ivany
Photo courtesy of freebibleimages.org

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