04 May 2015


Jesus is arrested and taken before the Jewish leaders and then to Pilate

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Discussion Questions

  • Compared to the other Gospels, John’s account puts Jesus firmly in control during his arrest and trials. Do you agree?
  • Could the other disciple be John? If so, it seems he had access to details of the trials (v 16).
  • Other accounts describe the Last Supper as a Passover meal. Jews were keen not to become defiled (v 28) so that they could eat the Passover meal later that day. Does this add credibility to the theory that, to allow for presentation and slaughter of the lamb, the Passover was extended two days, or do you think that some ate the meal during the daytime and some the evening before (each Jewish day is from sunset to sunset)?

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Going Deeper from 'Words of Life'

After praying at Gethsemane, Jesus was arrested and taken to the former, long-serving high priest Annas. Still widely respected by the Jews, it was thought that Annas may want to see this ‘prophet’ Jesus, who claimed to be more powerful than even the high priest himself.

Annas questions Jesus, who replies in a polite and legally correct fashion and says nothing to suggest he has breached any Jewish law. While this frustrates Annas, it is one of his guards who strikes Jesus – and this only embarrasses Annas further. After all, he is supposed to be the wise old man of Jerusalem but his questioning cannot even trap an itinerant carpenter from Nazareth! And now one of his guards has struck a man who has not yet stood trial or been found guilty of any crime.

Note also that even though he is surrounded by a detachment of Roman soldiers, Jesus is still kept bound.

So consider for a moment: Jesus does not break under interrogation from Annas; Annas keeps Jesus physically bound; Annas has no power to deal with Jesus further and send him to Caiaphas.

Who does Annas think Jesus is? Annas does not know…and he is afraid. You see, Annas was wise and powerful and influential. But he is suddenly shown to be ignorant, without power and without influence. He can see something different about Jesus, but he doesn’t know what it is and he has no power over Jesus.

Annas was not the first person – and he won’t be the last – not to know what to do with Jesus. Sometimes, based on fear of the unknown, we lash out and harm others. Today, in the ultimate act of ‘lashing out’, Jesus was crucified.


Reflect for a moment on today’s Scripture and on the quiet power Jesus showed throughout his life.

Beverly Ivany

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