04 March 2015


Jesus is mocked, flogged, killed and buried

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Discussion Question

  • Does this chapter fulfil Jesus’ prophecy in Mark 10:33?

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Going Deeper –  from 'Words of Life'

I have read this passage of Simon helping to carry Jesus’ cross so many times. But I’ve never noticed the names of Simon’s two sons before – Alexander and Rufus. Why were their names mentioned? How did the two sons react, later hearing that their father carried Jesus’ cross? What went on in their minds emotionally? Spiritually?

Our Scripture indicates that Simon was coming for the Passover from the country; therefore, he must have been coming through the northern gate of the city. The soldiers were leading Jesus out by that same gate.

Simon was summoned by the Roman soldiers to help – their spears in clear sight. He probably had no idea who this ‘criminal’ was, whose cross he was being forced to carry. But as he carried that cross, something surely happened to him. He must have seen the eyes of Jesus, and knew this was not just any man.

What happened after, as the family talked together about all that had taken place? How would Simon’s sons have reacted? Then later on, we wonder how it would have impacted them.

Years later Paul wrote to the Romans about Rufus. According to The Wesleyan Commentary, he is believed by scholars to be this same son of Simon of Cyrene; and Paul even mentioned the mother, who was like a mother to the apostle:

Greet Rufus, chosen in the Lord, and his mother, who has been a mother to me, too (Romans 16:13).

The ripple effect! Simon’s sons – told of their father’s actions, which greatly impacted their lives. Rufus becoming a leader in the Church. May we, likewise, be obedient servants of Christ, influencing and impacting others. It will make an eternal difference!

Beverly Ivany

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