03 April 2015


Jesus explains how our giving is relative to our circumstances

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Discussion Questions

  • Do we ever compare our giving (finance, time, abilities) with that of what we perceive is being given by other people? Can we ever judge the value of what others give?
  • Verses 5-38 speak of ‘the signs of the end of the age’. Do we understand these verses? Do we want to understand them? Does it matter if we understand them?
  • What would be the pros and cons of trying to understand them?

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Going Deeper from 'Words of Life'

Some call it the Via Dolorosa. Some, the Way of Sorrow. Others, the Way of the Cross. Today we followed the path Jesus took, going from the Judgement Court to Golgotha. A sacred and holy route.

We know from Scripture that certain women ‘mourned and wailed’. We assume certain men also found it extremely hard to watch – those who truly believed him to be God’s Son. Yet they were too afraid to be noticed, to admit their allegiance.

As I walked, somehow I could hear the jeers, the mocking, the yelling – and I tried to imagine how this must have torn at Jesus’ heart. I could see the crowd spitting at him, throwing things at him. I could sense the atmosphere of that dreadful day and wondered how I would have reacted if I’d been there 2,000 years ago.

Today, people were screaming out to us from the marketplace, from all directions: ‘Buy this! I’ll give you a deal! I have bargains! Souvenirs here! It’s

your lucky day!’ Military personnel went by, guns at their side. People everywhere – pushing, shoving – oblivious to the fact that we were walking the Way of the Cross.

My heart was stirred as I took this walk today – thinking of Christ’s suffering, pain, agony. We’d just come from the place where it was likely he was imprisoned. Also, the place where the scourging no doubt took place.

Now here, on this path – to crucifixion and death.

We sang, as a group, the spiritual, ‘Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?’ All this he did for me, for you, for the world. May we never forget.

May we never get lost or caught up in the crowd – for fear of standing for Christ. May we prove to be faithful.


Thank you, Jesus, for going to the cross for me. May I never forget all you did to bring about my salvation. I love you!

Beverly Ivany

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