02 October 2015
by Philip Layton


Final instructions on how to treat those within the fellowship of believers

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Discussion Questions

  • Do verses 1 and 2 accurately reflect your attitude to others?
  • How high a priority is the spiritual, physical and emotional welfare of your family and relatives (v 8)?

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Going Deeper From 'O Lord! Not more verse!'

She:    Do yer think it matters, dear (she said),
           That little children cry for bread
           In distant places?
           And do we really have to care
           That men are killing men somewhere
           With coloured faces?

He:      We ought,
            Old sport! 

She:    It all seems such a frightful bore
           That foreign folk will go to war,
           And mis’ries mount;
           And little lads don’t know their letters
           And think that those are twice their betters
           Who can count. (She sighs) 

He:      You might not give a tinker’s cuss,
           And ask what it’s to do with us.
           We’re here! They’re there!
           But worshipping with words won’t do
           A thing for God or me or you,
           Unless we care.

           The only way to do God good
           Is just to act the way we should
           Toward each other.
           And every man, I mean to say,
           Though maybe half a world away,
           Is still my brother. 

She:    It’s such a bother tho’, my dear
           When I would rather think of here
           And you and me,
           That I must think of them and there,
           And give much more than I can spare
           To charity!
           But I’m not dim and I have seen
           That truest worship may well mean
           The death of ‘me’.
           Not just what’s said upon the knees,
           But what’s done for ‘the least of these’
           Will set us free. 

He:      That’s right,

John Gowans

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