02 July 2015
by Philip Layton

Natural beauty

Hate what is evil; cling to what is good

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Discussion Questions

  • What is ‘the pattern of this world’ (v 2)?
  • How do you interpret verse 11? Do you ever find yourself lacking in zeal?

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Going Deeper From 'Words of Life'

Paul didn’t have it easy. But he lived with so much hope! Yes, he greatly looked forward to being in Heaven one day. After all, a Christian’s citizenship is in Heaven. Planet Earth is not really our home; we are citizens of another realm. We belong to the Kingdom of God.

Yet Paul didn’t tell the Christians in Rome, nor anywhere else, that we are simply to endure this life in the present, or that we will only be happy and joyful when in Heaven. That it’s OK to be pessimistic and negative now; to be frustrated, depressed, even angry. Quite the opposite. He told the people, and he tells us, to ‘be joyful in hope’. This includes being patient, in all circumstances; being faithful in prayer; sharing with others; being hospitable.

When others see we live daily as people of hope , it will become contagious. As we radiate the beauty of Jesus in our day-to-day living, others will see something of God in our lives. It’s about living in the now. Having life abundant. Being people of great joy.

I have always strived to make our home a welcoming place. A place where people of all ages feel comfortable, safe, at ease. I believe our children have always felt they could bring their friends home – and they would all feel part of the family atmosphere; see something of Jesus in us; experience anatmosphere of hope  for today, and for tomorrow.

My husband Dave and I really enjoy people – children, teens, people our age, older people. So, yes, it will be a wonderful day when we are all  in

Heaven – for eternity! Beyond our comprehension. But it’s also wonderful to experience life together now – throughout our lifetime. Living out our hope in the present.

May God reveal to us daily how we can all do this even better, as we interact with one another. May our hope of glory be realised throughout life – until we see him face-to-face.

Beverly Ivany
Image courtesy of freebibleimages.org

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