01 June 2015
by Philip Layton


Paul’s missionary journey takes him to Thessalonica, Berea and Athens 

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Discussion Questions

  • Why do you think the Jews were jealous (v 5)?
  • How can the noble character of the Bereans (v 11) be acquired today?
  • At the Areopagus (v 22) Paul began his message with something familiar to the members. How could this example be used in witness today?

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Going Deeper from 'Towards you, Lord'

I saw them this morning, Master,

            tightly clenched praying hands,

lifted in mute worship to a Creator-God.

They were only the newborn leaves of a row of


           still wrinkled and twisted;

but their fervent stretching into the unknown

                upper world

            touched me deeply.


They were obeying an inner urge, bewildered yet


            after having pierced through earth’s crust:

            reaching timorously but strongly upward not

                 knowing how far they must go

            before nature said enough.

Not knowing the storms of rain and wind they

              would meet,

           the attacks of enemies unknown;

disobeying the law of gravity to fulfil their destiny

            by obeying the higher law of growth.

Hearing nature’s call to rise out of seeming death

            to pulsing life, rising sap,

            growth and expansion;

to the final revelation of the hidden bud and seed.


So may I, Lord, respond to that call from you

            which disturbs my heart,

making me dissatisfied with earthly things,

            with finite aims,

and filling me with longings inexpressible

            for something beyond,

something to which you challenge me.

Grant me the pluck to do as the seedlings did,

            to dare to answer,

            confident, believing,

to stretch my hands upwards, towards you, Lord.


Flora Larsson

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