The FBF tool box helps to identify, affirm and encourage the use of gifts and assets. You will not use all these tools all the time. The skill of an experienced facilitator is the ability to choose the right tool at the right time in the five step process. That cannot be learnt in a classroom!

You need to practise being a faith-based facilitator. You probably have some of these skills already – perhaps without realising it. Others can be learnt and practised and developed. There are no rigid rules about when to use which tool. An effective facilitator needs to be familiar with all the FBF tools in order to be able to choose the right one for each situation. This is not a complete list of tools. Others can be added if they help people work through the FBF process.

ListeningExploring questionsCommunity walks and home visitsCommunity mappingBrainstormingIdentifying strengths and resourcesUsing the BiblePrioritisingCreative thinkingProblem solvingSelf assessment