Faith-Based Facilitation can be used in many ways to build deeper relationships. This case study highlights the use of theological reflection using the FBF process in relation to a major decision at a planning meeting. It shows how carefully relating such a decision to fundamental beliefs and values can have a significant effect on the facilitation and decision-making of such a meeting.

The Issue

Home visitA problem arose in a large suburb of a growing Southern African city where the work of The Salvation Army has been established in the past ten years. There are a number of problems in the area, including crime, unemployment and poverty. However, at a meeting between corps and community members and leaders, it was agreed that the most pressing issue was the increasing number of orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs). At present they were receiving very little care from anyone, and were at great risk.

» Find out how the FBF process and tools enabled the corps (church) to devise an appropriate response