Faith-Based Facilitation is a process that uses specific tools to help people enjoy deeper, healthier relationships. The FBF process is based on The Pastoral Cycle, which is widely used to help people of faith in their work.

Kairos ExperiencesEvent or IssueDescribe and AnalyseReflect and EvaluateDecide and PlanActBible and Faith

The cycle

This section focuses on the FBF process and recommends some tools to help people as they work through the five step cycle. See also the Tool box section for more information.

It is important to stress that the FBF process involves continuous evaluation. It does not end with Step 5 but, like all cycles, continues round again and again. The 'Action' taken will result in a new situation which then becomes the issue to be examined and evaluated in the next round of the FBF process. And so on!