Faith-Based Facilitation can be used in many ways to build deeper relationships. This case study highlights the use of theological reflection using the FBF process in relation to a major decision at a planning meeting. It shows how carefully relating such a decision to fundamental beliefs and values can have a significant effect on the facilitation and decision-making of such a meeting.

The Issue

Childrens meetingMembers of a small but committed corps (Salvation Army church) in South America became very concerned about numbers of young children, often from one-parent families, who were on their own after school. Their parents returned from work later. In the meantime the children were at risk, particularly from drug sellers and drug addicts. There were many in the area, and drugs were a big problem. One child, in particular, had been seen spending a lot of time with a known drug addict, and other children were starting to be involved as well.

» Find out how Captain Pablo led his corps through the FBF process to achieve a positive outcome