This step of the process involves thinking through the factors that have emerged, and sharing ideas and responses.

People of faith find reading the Scriptures, prayer and quiet reflection to be helpful activities between Steps 2 and 3. It is at this step that careful evaluation is made, and tough questions need to be asked and answered. For example: How far does this project/activity remain true to its original aims and values? What insights or events or teaching from the Bible connect with this situation? What needs to be changed to make this situation better and of greater value for all concerned?

During this time of reflection and evaluation, it may be that a Kairos Experience emerges. Such experiences cannot be predicted or ordered, but are unlikely to happen unless the participants are in an open and receptive frame of mind. As well as time for prayer and reflection, taking time out, or engaging in a 'Creative Thinking' activity may result in greater receptivity.

Evaluation and reflection should never be rushed, and certainly never missed out! The major part of the time spent working through the FBF process needs to be spent on this step.

Recommended Tools for Step 3

Exploring (Tool 2.2)
Creative Thinking (Tool 2.9).
The Self Assessment Tool (2.11) is recommended for every group on a regular basis.