The event or issues identified are then described and analysed as fully as possible. Those who are reflecting (together or individually) try to think of every factor that has influenced the issue being explored. This builds a deep and comprehensive understanding of the experience.

It is important not to make superficial descriptions of the issues facing a community. Be as objective as possible. Keep carefully to description and analysis and avoid judgments and opinions.

Recommended Tools for Step 2

Identifying strengths and resources (Tool 2.6) - an essential starting assumption for a faith-based facilitator is the many assets, gifts and resources that people have in themselves, their families and friends, and their community. Even the poorest person has unique gifts and abilities which need to be recognised and affirmed.

Brainstorming (Tool 2.5) helps to develop a comprehensive description of what is happening. Community Mapping (Tool 2.4) is a good tool to use on a second visit to a community to gather more information.