The following Bible study materials are recommended:

  • Those provided in the Tearfund document, A Christian Response to HIV and AIDS 2005 (Section 3.1 of Roots 8: HIV and AIDS: Taking Action)
  • Reconciliation (Section 2 of Tearfund document Roots 4: Peace Building within our Commnities) also contains a helpful set of Bible studies
  • Tearfund's Roots 5: Project Cycle Management has an interesting set of studies relating the work of Cycle Management to the book of Nehemiah
  • The Tearfund publication Footsteps 1-70 has an accompanying series of Bible study material entitled Guide Our Steps which carefully covers a wide range of subject areas likely to be relevant in the work of facilitation, including: Advocacy; Development; Disasters; Health; Leadership; Living in Unity; Loving our Neighbours; Family Values; Money and Finance; Nutrition; Our environment; Planning and Management; Spiritual Challenges; Spiritual Growth; Stewardship; The Church's Role; Water and Sanitation

You can access these and other Tearfund Bible study material online at

Also helpful is:

  • Changing Lives: Bible Studies on Transformational Development, World Vision, 2005