Tool 2.3 The best way to build relationships is to go to the people – not wait for them to come to you! This applies to all parts of Salvation Army life – corps, centres and headquarters.

It is highly recommended that this tool is used regularly throughout the FBF process so that we learn more about our communities, understand their concerns, abilities and challenges.

From its earliest days, The Salvation Army has understood the importance of being on the streets and visiting the homes of people. Once the listening and exploring skills have been explained, it is highly recommended that people walk around the area accompanied by members of the community. On this walk you and the community member must use all your senses to experience all the things around you and talk about them. Praying silently during the walk is also recommended.

If invited, visit people in their homes. The team should ask exploring questions when they meet people. The information gathered from this exercise can be followed up with a brainstorm or mapping exercise.