It is important to share the resources available to allow us to learn from each other. We have a range of Tools, Case Studies and Bible Studies, as well as external resources that we hope will help you to develop your learning. 




Tools are a facilitation support in order to provide instruction to community activity.


Case Studies 

It is important to learn from people's experiences so we can make sure the work we do has the most positive impact 


Bible Studies 

Our bible studies look deeper at the messages in the bible that relate to the work we do. 



We aim to keep this website updated with additional resources and case studies as they become available. If you have had success with the FBF process, do let us know about it!

In this part of the site you can download a printable copy of the FBF handbook, as well as find Bible study resources and extra tools.

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Please note that the files are of print quality, and may therefore take longer than usual to download.