Faith Based Facilitation can be used in many ways to build deeper relationships. This case study demonstrates people offering mutual care and encouragement within a team using the Process and Tools with the help of a facilitator. Even when members of a team know each other well, they find using this process can be helpful in keeping the team strong, refreshed, faithful, focused and working well.

The Issue

Home visitA Salvation Army community support group working in an African country returned feeling down-hearted after visiting people in the area infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. The team of eight people had divided into pairs for their visits. One pair had a long way to walk and only visited one family. The infected man had run out of Anti-Retroviral drugs (ARVs), and both he and his family were feeling too despairing to do anything about it, and even turned down offers of help. Another pair had visited a family where the mother had recently been diagnosed with AIDS, as well her husband who had been taking ARVs for some months. They had five very young children and there were no close family members willing or able to help care for them. The two visits left the team feeling dispirited.

» Find out how team-member Robert used the Faith-Based Facilitation process and tool