Translating decisions into action is vital. Remember to list the action points, assess the impact of the action and collect appropriate data.

This will be needed during the next cycle step 2 and next cycle step 3. And then it continues: The FBF process does not stop at the last step, but continues on and on. After Step 5 Action, the changes made will lead to a new cycle:

A new Step 1 Event or Issue:
The action taken resulting from this process will lead to transformation and so there will be a 'new experience' at Step 1.

A new Step 2 Describe and Analyse:
A new description and analysis of the changed situation will be needed. (It is important to do this carefully. You may be surprised to discover how many changes the action has brought about.)

A new Step 3 Reflect and Evaluate:
This is the vital point where the changes brought about by the action can be reflected on and evaluated. It is essential to do this before continuing with any further action. It may be helpful to take a break at this step, to see what impact the action already taken may have in the longer term.