In addition to the tools in chapter 2, the following Techniques and Tools will help in understanding a situation, in working together, and in gaining information and insight.

Listening activities: Tools to help with good listening

Good listening is fundamental to every single aspect of faith based facilitation and building relationships. It is also vital whenever the FBF process is used in a group. It's a skill that facilitators need to work at constantly, so that they can become even more effective

Activities to help in the Describe and Analyse Step

Some of the tools and questions in this section, designed to help in the analysis of community development projects, will sometimes be helpful at the Analysis step (Step 2) of the FBF process. They will be especially helpful when the issue chosen for reflection relates directly to a community project.

Reflecting Activities

Many people find reflecting quite difficult, especially busy, active people. The activities described in this section don't at first seem to have any direct connection with the process of Reflection and Evaluation at Step 3 of the FBF process. They provide the opportunity to approach the issue from a different angle. While you are busy with whichever activity you have chosen, let your mind reflect peacefully on all sorts of things that are important to you as well as the issue you are considering. If possible begin with a time of prayer and Bible reading. This will help you to be 'tuned' into insights from the Bible and even to your own Kairos Experience. Don't try to force such insights - try to let them come to you gently. At the end of each activity, there is a time to reflect, share and make connections. You may be surprised by the results.

A Tool for Evaluation

The FBF process is itself a tool to enable evaluation, focussed particularly on Step 3. Working through Steps 2, 3 and 4 of the FBF process leads inevitably to action (Step 5) The action taken will, in turn, bring about a new situation (Step 1b). It is crucially important to evaluate the new situation which the earlier reflection and action brought about