Salvation Army officers, Majors Ruth and Andrew, a married couple, took up a new appointment as corps officers (church leaders). They had been trained in facilitation skills, particularly in good listening, and soon arranged a meeting with other corps members to decide the best way forward.

The people were pleased to be asked for their input and many suggestions were made. Major Andrew, acting as facilitator, summarised all of them and then asked what might be the best way of finding out what issues concerned people in their community. Group members decided to visit at least 50 families who did not attend the corps. Major Andrew gave these visitors basic training, reminding them to not offer solutions to problems raised and not to promise anything. They just needed to listen, observe and say they would return for another visit.

When the first visits were done, everyone met together to share what they had discovered. Some of those who had been visited were invited to the meeting so their opinions could be heard. At this meeting Major Ruth acted as facilitator. She encouraged everyone to talk about everything they had noticed or been told. They soon had a long list, but a pattern of strengths and needs began to emerge.

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