Faith-Based Facilitation can be used in many ways to build deeper relationships. This case study highlights the use of theological reflection using the FBF process in relation to a major decision at a planning meeting. It shows how carefully relating such a decision to fundamental beliefs and values can have a significant effect on the facilitation and decision-making of such a meeting

The Issue

NursesWhen preparing for a divisional annual planning meeting, Major Carlos, a divisional commander in South America decided it was time to review the health ministry in the division. Fifty years ago a small clinic had been started by missionaries from Europe and it had gradually grown into a large hospital. People travelled many miles to seek care at the famous Salvation Army hospital. They were prepared to pay to see the caring and kind missionary doctors. However in recent years, other hospitals have developed and improved. The missionaries had gone home and there was less money coming into the hospital. Compared with the new government hospital in a nearby city, it was old-fashioned, ill-equipped and unable to provide up-to-date investigations. The wards needed to be refurbished and the outpatients clinics rebuilt. The number of patients attending the Salvation Army hospital had declined and there was concern about its future.

» Find out how the FBF process and tools were used to work through the difficult issues raised