In the past few years there has been increased interest in the difference faith makes in improving the quality of life in communities. Many experts expected the influence of religion in the world to decline in recent years. They have been proved wrong.

Salvation ArmyReligion is a powerful force in the world today and its influence is increasing. Therefore, faith-based organisations are being asked to explain the difference faith makes to the way they work. Faith-Based Facilitation can help answer these questions. FBF helps to show why decisions were taken, what actions resulted and helps identify the outcomes.

Although facilitation is used in secular organisations, it does not need to be an entirely secular way of working. Just as music is popular in the secular world, yet is also an important part of Christian worship, so, facilitation can play a vital part in our mission. As this document explains, Faith-Based Facilitation can be compared to the way the Holy Spirit, the 'go-between God', works in the world. Faith-Based Facilitation helps people to 'go-between' each other - deepens relationships, helps people care for others and transforms the world God loves.

Faith-Based Facilitation helps people connect their faith with their actions. People who have a faith in God want to include God in every part of their lives. Those of other faiths have a similar motivation from their own faith-base. This information is written from a Christian perspective because The Salvation Army is a Christian Church.

However, people who do not subscribe to any particular religious belief system still have compelling beliefs and values that influence the way they make decisions and act. The process and tools used in Faith-Based Facilitation can be read and used by anyone - as long as they are willing to listen to each other and work together for the improvement of the community. This can make them stronger and more effective - particularly in difficult situations. It can be used when interacting: with individuals; in a group of any kind; in a territorial team; in a national or international meeting.