Tool 2.9 This tool is often helpful at Step 3 – Reflect and Evaluate. It can also be used at any step in the process when there are problems or things feel a bit stuck.

People think in different ways. For some people 'creative thinking' comes more easily than thinking in words and everyone benefits from trying more creative approaches from time to time. This is especially true when being reflective and seeking to be open and receptive as at Step 3 in the FBF process.

Encouraging people to draw or act out their responses to particular situations or suggestions, or to make music or drama together to express their feelings, can be helpful part-way through any facilitation exercise. This makes the work fun and gives participants a break from discussion.

After such a period of creative activity, and perhaps a time of prayer and sharing, new thoughts and ideas may occur. In particular, connections between themes and passages from the Bible may come to mind and make an important contribution to the process of evaluation and reflection.