Why Study at Chikankata College Nursing and Midwifery?

In line with the WHO resolutions and a combination of the dynamic social and  economic environment, together with complex patient and community needs and challenges, it became imperative that our nursing program reflected these requirements. We strongly believe that our current academic and practical programme produces qualified and well trained nurses with the appropriate knowledge, skills, acceptable attitudes and competencies. The revised curriculum offer courses which address health issues of the 21st century and as such, are the principals that the college was founded on by the Salvation Army and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Teaching Staff Members

The college has a dedicated teaching faculty of 10 lecturers. Among these, one (1) Principal tutor for the registered nursing programme and one (1) Principal tutor for the Registered Midwifery programme. There are two senior Tutors and 6 other Tutors with the minimum qualification of a Tutor being a BSc in Nursing and Masters Degree. There are a further four (4) Clinical Instructors.

Student Life

Chikankata has one of the best learning environments in Zambia and student life is no exception.

Chikankata College of Nursing and Midwifery aims at delivering a quality holistic training service to support and enable the health service of our nation. The college is situated in the newly approved Chikankata District which is 60 kilometers east of Mazabuka, and is a  district of the Southern province, about 125 km from Lusaka the capital city of Zambia. The Salvation Army, Chikankata Mission Hospital runs the school in partnership and with the strong support of the government through the Ministry Of Health.


Student accommodation is of modern standard with a TV room where students are able to watch TV and be up to date with current affairs. There is also a pool table for student entertainment.




     Computer Lab 



There is a modern full functional computer lab with internet connection for students to use and do their research. 10 computers running the SmartCare program were kindly donated to the college by Jepigo through the Ministry of Health


Recent Achievements

  • A new HIGER Bus for students was procured by the college.
  • A new classroom block was completed and furnished.
  • New equipment was procured for the practical suite and clinical area.