The Chikankata College of Biomedical Sciences is one of the leading biomedical scientific colleges in Zambia and offers a combination of academic and practical tuition which culminates in a Diploma in Biomedical Sciences. The College was founded on Christian values under the Salvation Army and has well established links with the University Of Zambia School Of Medicine which is the examining body. The college is also affiliated with TEVET under the TEVET Act of 1998 which further regulates and accredits our comprehensive academic programme. In addition, the Medical Council of Zambia also regulates all public and private health institutions running health training programmes for the purposes of ensuring that training is meeting the standards as set out by the TEVET Act of 1998.

The Chikankata College of Biomedical Sciences prides itself on the high standard of teaching and support that it offers to all students which enables them to succeed in achieving their goals. We have developed a warm, caring, supportive and learning atmosphere for all our students through the constant monitoring of our standards and the participation of our students who provide regular feedback.

To further ensure the high quality of standards and that the college is at par with other top private and public academic institutions, as the Principal stakeholder, the Ministry of health provides the overall guiding policy on Laboratory training in the public institutions, thereby ensuring the quality of health care service in the country.

The College is committed to the Equal Opportunities Policy and we are proud of the positive and pleasant atmosphere our students enjoy regardless of their culture, race, gender or religion.

Our Mission Statement

Chikankata College of Biomedical Sciences is committed to provide Quality Education in biomedical sciences in order to produce Competent Biomedical Technologists and Scientists.

Our Vision

In its pursuit of excellence in education, the College will be the centre of excellence for Biomedical Sciences in Jesus Name and always thriving for higher academic standards and in impacting our student body to be transformed to worthy contributors in the communities they would belong to.

Our Core Values

Compassion; Quality Care to those we serve; Respect; Dignity; Confidentiality; Transparency; Sensitivity to trends.

Career  Prospects

A Diploma in Biomedical Sciences is awarded by the University Of Zambia to successful students. Employment opportunities for Biomedical Sciences graduates reflects both the need for the course and the diversity of career possibilities.

The Ministry of Health and private hospital pathology laboratories have a requirement for suitable graduates to work as Biomedical Technologists / Scientists. As the private sector grows in Zambia some graduates will find jobs in reputable privately owned routine and research medical laboratories.

Pharmaceutical companies, the University of Zambia and medical research organisation, which under take research and development, employ graduates with special skills and knowledge in Biomedical Sciences.

In addition opportunities exist in manufacturing and cosmetic industry and in veterinary medicine where the effects of a wide range of products may be tested on living organisms. Companies manufacturing laboratory instruments and reagents require Biomedical Scientists for research and development, quality control and product sales.

Outstanding students are encouraged to pursue their studies at degree level. Such higher qualification may be undertaken at any University world-wide.