Welcome to our community website for The Salvation Army's Chikankata Mission. Chikankata, home to more than 3000 people, is situated 31 km from the tar road on the edge of the Zambezi valley, in Zambia, Central Africa.

This rural hospital, school and training centre surrounded by hills and traditional village settlements, is 125 km south of Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia. The nearest town, Mazabuka is 60 kilometres north-west. Chikankata services a catchment population of over 100,000 people, nearly all living in remote areas of the Southern Province in Zambia.

The Salvation Army established a mission here in 1945 at the invitation of the local headman, Charlie Chikankata. He had heard of the Salvation Army's work in Zimbabwe and offered a portion of his land if education and health services could be established for his people. In 1946, The Salvation Army settled among the Tonga people of the Mapangazya area and opened a school, hospital and a church to serve the whole needs of the community.

Zambia is often referred to as 'The Real Africa' because of its natural beauty and thrilling wildlife. The country is landlocked and sits in the heart of Southern Africa.  Zambia is home to the Victoria Falls (about 400 km from Chikankata) and the Zambezi River. For more information on our country, try www.zambiatourism.com and if you would like to visit us, a warm welcome awaits you.

Chikankata Mission in a larger mapThe Salvation Army, founded in England in 1865, works in over 126 countries all around the world and is part of the Christian church. The Salvation Army believes that God, through Jesus Christ, wants all people to enjoy full health: spiritual, physical, mental and emotional. Chikankata Mission strives to achieve this for the people of Zambia through God's strength.

Chikankata Today

Today the mission comprises of six main areas of service: The Chikankata Mission Hospital , Chikankata College of Biomedical Sciences , Chikankata College of Nursing and Midwifery , Salvation Radio, a  Secondary School for over 800 pupils and a Salvation Army Corps (church) and Divisional Headquarters. It is overseen by the Mission Director, Major John Mweene