Heath Management Information Systems Office is a department responsible for collection of data from the time the patient comes as an outpatient, to the time the patient is discharged or to when the patient dies. Information is captured at various points namely:- at Hospital Affiliated Health Centre, at the Filter Clinic, in the wards (Inpatients) and within the Community.

Hospital Affiliated Health Centre (HAHC) is a place where patients coming from around chikankata village come to be seen by the Clinic Officer. Here we record the attendaces and reattendaces and also patients are recorded into the registers.

Filter Clinic. This is where patients who have been referred from a lower level e.g from a Rural Health Centre are seen. At this point, the doctors screen and assess whether the patient must either be admitted or seen as an outpatient. Tests also could be requested at this level. Information is also captured at this level.

In Patient or Ward

The patient from this point is admitted into the hospital for treatment or further investigations. A patient file is already open at this point and alot of data is being captured to facilitate the treatment of the patient. The file for the patient will be kept in the hospital in stores for 15 years before we can discard them.


If you need to contact us with regards to our information please feel free to contact us at our corperate e-mail at (chikankata.hospital@gmail.com )