Seeking truth, justice and righteousness

If the most fundamental cause of poverty is the impact of sin, then dealing with sin must be part of the Christian process of change. While we must deal with the individual nature of this sin, we must also address its consequences as expressed in relationships that are based on a web of lies and that promote disempowerment of the poor and domination by the non-poor. This means that a Christian process of change must center on truth-telling and the promotion of justice and righteousness.

The truth must be discovered about the way the poor contribute to their own poverty, and the truth must be discovered about how poverty is created by the god-complexes of the non-poor, inadequacies of worldview, and deception by the principalities and powers. Only in repenting in the face of God's truth can relationship be restored so that life, justice and peace can be restored. 
Walking with the Poor, Bryant L. Myers

"Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, "if you abide in my word, you are my disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." John 8:31-32



We live in a world where people are searching and searching for answers to their lives, when in reality we already have the guide book call the Bible. It tells us the truth of what we need to know, it shows us how to treat each other, and tells us how to live a righteous life but still people search for answers in other places, when all along it is written plainly for us to follow. We could ask ourselves the questions do we really believe what the Bible teaches. If so, why not follow it and trust it to give us the answers we are searching for in our lives. There is a chorus that goes I believe in the Word of God, I believe in the Word of God, every promise is true I believe it do you? I believe in the Word of God.


Lord we thank you for this day you have given to us. You have given us this day to honor and to worship and to praise you. We thank you for being a God of Wisdom and knowing just what we need. We thank you Lord because you look at each of us and see us as equals in your creation and love us and understand us. We thank you for your gentle hand that moves us along even when we choose to be disobedient you still love and care for us. Help us to treat others as you have treated us. Help us to be caring and understanding. Lord, help us to live the kind of God-centered live that overflows to those around us in our actions and deeds. Equip us for today that we may be used by you for your honor and your glory. Amen