The Salvation Army International Social Justice Commission (ISJC) invites applications from young, energetic, passionate Salvationists to participate in an Intern Programme.

The ISJC Story

The ISJC, established in 2007, is located in New York City and is part of The Salvation Army International Headquarters. The ISJC has part time staff in Geneva, Vienna and Nairobi engaging with the United Nations in UN offices based in those cities.

The Purpose

The ISJC serves The Salvation Army as a strategic voice to advocate for human dignity and social justice. We believe everyone is created in the image of God and is therefore of equal and infinite value. We recognise global economic, social and political inequity perpetuates human injustice.

The ISJC exercises leadership in influencing The Salvation Army’s policies and practices in the international social justice arena to encourage all people to seek justice together.

We lament the abusive and unethical behaviour imposed on vulnerable people in today’s world. The ISJC seeks to find ways to help the worldwide Salvation Army to combat this, including linking and working with like-minded organisations and other world forums to advance the cause of global social justice.

In pursuit of its stated purpose, the ISJC has three goals:

INCREASE PASSION FOR JUSTICE IN THE SALVATION ARMY FAMILY: The Salvation Army (officers, soldiers, employees and volunteers) at all levels show increasing capacity to seek justice together in the world and in the Army.

INSPIRE LEADERS TO SEEK JUSTICE: Salvation Army leaders at corps, centre, division, territorial and international level are inspired and connected to seek justice together in the world and in the Army.

INFLUENCE GLOBAL PARTNERS FOR GOD’S JUSTICE: Salvation Army personnel influence and learn from global partners, policy makers and networks to promote justice and peace



These goals are not only for the purposes of development of the ISJC they also enfold our lives as members of The Salvation Army, a community of faith that is part of the worldwide Christian Church.

The Purpose of an ISJC intern

The intern programme is designed to prepare young adult Salvationists for ministry in the sphere of social justice – with an emphasis in four strategic areas - Research and Resource Development, Digital Communications, Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Response and Others Trade for Hope. Interns will learn the theological principles that underlie the commitment of The Salvation Army to social justice and how to apply those principles in their own context. The interns are voluntary workers who support the work of the ISJC and International Headquarters. As well as working in their focused area all interns will be mentored weekly in spiritual formation, meet regularly with ISJC staff for reflection and skill training and participate in weekly prayer meetings with the ISJC team.

Requirements of an Intern

Interns should:

  • be between 23 and 30 years of age.
  • be committed and uniformed Salvationists who play an active part in corps life.
  • conform to the standards set out in orders and regulations for soldiers.
  • This includes the use of substances or materials that could be harmful to the physical, mental or spiritual well-being of a Christian, the use of pornography and the practice of sexual relations outside the marriage covenant.
  • be socially and spiritually mature in line with their age. 
  • be academically qualified (preferably with a Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent although consideration will be given to those without in special circumstances) and be able to produce work of a high quality, in line with professional and ethical standards 
  • be able to communicate effectively, in English, both verbally and in writing
  • have proficient computer skills 
  • have an understanding and commitment to social justice
  • be able to work in a team under supervision
  • have a passion for learning and desire to learn new skills and knowledge
  • be prepared to work for up to year on a voluntary basis for a basic monthly living allowance

For more information, please send an e-mail to