Our Purpose is to:

  • advise the office of the General on issues of global biblical justice
  • advocate with the world’s poor, marginalised and oppressed so their voice is heard
  • be a recognised centre of research and critical thinking on global justice concerns
  • collaborate with like-minded organisations and partners to advance the cause of justice
  • provide resources and experiences which build capacity and inform practitioners
  • live by the principles of biblical justice and compassion to inspire others to do likewise.

Approved by The General’s Council October 2023.


Our Methodology


We will actively partner with others in the pursuit of justice and actively create a space for the voice of the marginalised and oppressed to be heard.

We will investigate issues and questions of justice to produce substantive documents with rigorous quantitative and qualitive arguments for discussion.
We will produce resources and experiences to inform and equip others to seek justice together.
We will communicate the mandate and progress of the ISJC Mission using a variety of communications platforms including social media.


Our Vision


That all may enjoy a life of abundance   John 10:10