The International Social Justice Girls was created in 2021 to bring Salvationist girls across the globe together to discuss social issues.

This group provides a safe space for our Girl Advocates to share their concerns on social issues related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals that are ongoing in their community, country and globally. Our Girl Advocates are encouraged to take part in conversations/webinars/events, to research and write reports on their findings, to talk about social justice and the SDGs, and to address these issues through action.

The purpose of this group is to draw out the skills and knowledge that our Girl Advocates already possess and to amplify them by training and educating them on the issues, annual events and language used by the UN and The Salvation Army ISJC.

Our Girl Advocates' Participation in the CSW67


Meet our Girl Advocates!


Hi I’m Rebecca from Indonesia. I met Jesus personally through a youth event held by Salvation Army in 2015 and since then, He has been my protector, my helper, my God. And because of Him, I’m able to do great works like being a girl advocate and an activist in my church. I’ve seen how Christ can use our life to be a blessing if we trust Him and dedicate ourselves to do the good work He has prepared.


Hello! My name is Kendra. I'm a soldier in the Salvation Army in the USA Eastern Territory. When I was 5 years old, I made the decision to accept Jesus into my heart. However, it wasn’t until recently that I discovered what a privilege and honor it is to serve and live my life for Him!

Being a part of the International Social Justice Girls has truly taught me a lot - standing up for girls’ rights and joining the fight for social justice and the importance to love others, and treat others in a way that is pleasing to God. He wants us to treat one another with respect, to face the problems in our world, and, ultimately, to help lead others to Him! Thank you for your support in the fight for girls’ rights, and I pray that you continue to support us girls in the years to come!


Hello! My name is Berit Lolo. I'm a Senior Soldier in the Kenya East Territory. I'm a Master’s student taking Monitoring and Evaluation and I'm passionate about Social Justice, especially issues that girls face. I represent Kenya East as a Girl Advocate in the International Social Justice Girls. As a Girl Advocate, I participate in discussions and brainstorming sessions about social justice issues facing girls and how we can be champions as girls to address them. I have experience as a Project Coordinator and Social Worker with The Salvation Army Kenya East Territory. I use my role to advocate for the health, safety and protection of children with disabilities in The Salvation Army special schools, corps and communities. During my free time, I like reading Peer Review articles revolving around social issues affecting women.


Hello! My name is Naila, I’m 24 years old, a Senior Soldier in Kigali Central Corps in Rwanda. I was born and raised in The Salvation Army, attending church services every Sunday and through the spirit I met Jesus when I was still young.

The way I promote activism is through my role as the Young People Sergeant Major in my corps, being a Girl Advocate in the International Social Justice Girls, and also being a part of a Summer Missions Team in the USA Central Territory.


Hello! My name is Elaine Castro Delaluz! I am a soldier at the New Brunswick Corps in New Jersey, USA. I met Jesus at the young age of 7 and never looked back. Since then I’ve been involved in music and arts and a member of The Salvation Army.

Currently, I am serving as the co-chair for the International Social Justice Girls group which has been an incredible opportunity to grow, learn and initiate change on my part. I am also lead an all-girls team this past summer in Mexico as one of the USA Eastern Territory Hands On Team. We’ve come with the expectation to serve and bless others and have been highly blessed.


Hi! My name is Magnolia. I attend Haverford College and I'm in my last year, pursuing a self-designed major titled Education: Access and Equity with a Peace, Justice, and Human Rights Concentration. I first gave my life to Christ in middle school. My choice to surrender my life to Christ didn’t mean I immediately became the perfect Christ follower; it just meant I began to constantly shift my perspective back to what Jesus wanted for my life. I've been learning a variety of social justice issues at college and have begun searching for opportunities to serve. Recently, I was the leader of a social justice/city mission team for the USA Central Territory. Now I'm studying abroad in Denmark in a Child Development, Diversity, and Education Program about Nordic approaches to equitable and accessible education. I aim to take back the things I learn to better equip my home churches, corps, and communities.


Hi I'm Marlies. I’m 24 years old and from the Netherlands. I work at ReShare the textile collecting and sorting company of the Salvation Army in the Netherlands in the Marketing and Communications Department. I became a senior soldier at 16 years old and joined the Amsterdam Staff Songsters in 2019. I will finish my bachelor’s degree in Communications and Multimedia Design in June 2023. My relationship with God started when I was about 15 years old when I went to School of Performing Arts, the summer camp of the Salvation Army in the Netherlands. Feeling God so close was an amazing experience. It gave me thoughts in my head that I had to do something to give my faith, hands, and feet. As the Dutch slogan of the Salvation Army says: ‘Doing what we believe in.’ I believe I can do things because God is at my side.


Hello! I’m Zvikomborero, a young Salvationist with a Bachelor of Social Work. I am a Registered Social Worker and a part of the Council of Social Workers and the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) in Zimbabwe. I’m currently working as an Administration Intern at Goal Zimbabwe, where I aid with programs and administrative tasks. Most recently, I have been participating in the Goal Global Next GenYouth Program 2022 cohort, a multi-cultural online program with young people from various countries discuss on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and cross-cutting issues. I believe I met Jesus at a young age as I was born into a Salvationist family, attended Sunday school lessons, and participated in church activities. However, I acquired a deeper understanding of who Jesus is and His significance in my Christian life as I grew older into my early youth days.


Hello, I'm Marenthe. As a true 'Salvation Army' raised girl, I grew up with music. Singing, playing brass music and other instruments; music was and is one of my main passions! In my spare time I love to go to town and drink a cup of coffee with my family and friends. I love adventure! Traveling the world, discovering new cultures and hidden gems, I get goosebumps thinking about it! I received my Bachelor’s in Leisure and Event Management at the University of Leeuwarden. I work as a Facilitator and Event Manager at a company where we help companies and individuals solve problems, innovate and implement the SDGs. I believe that God assigned us to look after one another and to take care of this beautiful world that He gifted to us. I believe as Christians that, as a wise Dutch Major once said, serving people is serving God.


Hello my name is Jenery and I’m from Ecuador. I am 22 years old and I studied nurse technology because I like helping people. I consider myself a strong person to face difficult situations. Since I was little, my parents have taught me to have a voting voice, defend those who need it, and have instructed me in leadership. I trust God that He has given me virtues and gifts that I can put into practice in different and adverse situations, and that God will use me to help in His work. I am a very skilled person and fast learner. I love animals, I love the church where I grew up, and I love the work that The Salvation Army does worldwide.


Hi, my name is Marcia, I live in England and I am 21 years old. I am a student at the University of Manchester studying International Management with American Business Studies. The Salvation Army has always been my church and looking back on my life I feel truly blessed that I have always been in the presence of Jesus. Throughout my life, God has worked in and through me in many ways, whether that be through reading the Bible and memorising scripture to worshipping and singing. I work to promote activism nationally in the UK, by raising awareness of poverty and volunteering. Globally, I have fundraised for Salvation Army schools and clinics in Kenya. In 2020, I released a Christmas album that raised money to support vulnerable children, who live in the brothels of Jashore, back into education in Bangladesh.


Hello! I'm Sharon, a 22-year-old Christian girl studying diplomacy and international studies from the University of Nairobi. The main purpose of pursuing Diplomacy and International studies is because I believe in equality and a peaceful world for all humans, and I am hoping to gain the necessary skills that I will use to make the world a better place. In addition to that, I am passionate about helping the girl child in the society and all the children at large. This way, I give most of my time to volunteer in helping the youngsters.


Hello! I’m Kayla and I enjoy reading, taking pictures, and traveling as I love seeing God’s creation! I am the co-chair for the International Social Justice Girls and have been involved in social justice as a Girl Advocate for over 10 years. I received my Master’s in Public Administration in 2021. During my time in university, I took leadership and human rights courses to better understand social justice issues on the grassroots, policy and international level. I am passionate about social justice issues and policies that affect girls’ and human rights. I use my gifts and talents to serve God in His Kingdom and am involved in different programs while living in South Korea which is where I currently teach English to elementary and middle school students. I’m excited to see how our second year of ISJG will grow and I hope you’ll support us!



  • Promoting and participating in the International Day of the Girl (held annually in October).
  • Take part in the Commission on the Status of Women in a Parallel Event (held annually in March).
  • Form a leadership and decision-making team of girls.
  • Work on a project that promotes the Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs) and girls within The Salvation Army.
  • Promote the issues at hand on mass media.
  • Meet monthly as a group, 10 months out of the year.
  • Represent The Salvation Army as Girl Advocates.
  • Inform, train and educate Girl Advocates on the issues, annual events, and language used by the UN and The Salvation Army ISJC.


  • To promote the SDGs from a faith perspective in Divisions, Regions and Territories.
  • Work alongside leaders on leadership development of girls in preparation for future leadership roles.
  • Attend Working Group on Girls meeting for the UN on the 1st Thursday of each month, when possible.
  • Work with one another in promoting SDGs, the International Day of the Girl, and other projects/events through social media.
  • Represent The Salvation Army and your country/territory as a Girl Advocate.
  • Be informed, trained and educated in the language, issues and events used by the UN and The Salvation Army.
  • Learn how to make your involvement impactful; how to use social media to push our messages and agenda, be informed on the language that is used by the UN and The Salvation Army, and how to be a part of global conversations with other girls in The Salvation Army around the world.

How to Apply

Applications for this year's cohort is now closed! Please stay tuned for updates for the next year's cohort.