The International Social Justice Girls was created in 2021 to bring Salvationist girls across the globe together to discuss social issues.

This group provides a safe space for our Girl Advocates to share their concerns on social issues related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals that are ongoing in their community, country and globally. Our Girl Advocates are encouraged to take part in conversations/webinars/events, to research and write reports on their findings, to talk about social justice and the SDGs, and to address these issues through action.

The purpose of this group is to draw out the skills and knowledge that our Girl Advocates already possess and to amplify them by training and educating them on the issues, annual events and language used by the UN and The Salvation Army ISJC.


  • Promoting and participating in the International Day of the Girl (held annually in October).
  • Take part in the Commission on the Status of Women in a Parallel Event (held annually in March).
  • Form a leadership and decision-making team of girls.
  • Work on a project that promotes the Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs) and girls within The Salvation Army.
  • Promote the issues at hand on mass media.
  • Meet monthly as a group, 10 months out of the year.
  • Represent The Salvation Army as Girl Advocates.
  • Inform, train and educate Girl Advocates on the issues, annual events, and language used by the UN and The Salvation Army ISJC.


  • To promote the SDGs from a faith perspective in Divisions, Regions and Territories.
  • Work alongside leaders on leadership development of girls in preparation for future leadership roles.
  • Attend Working Group on Girls meeting for the UN on the 1st Thursday of each month, when possible.
  • Work with one another in promoting SDGs, the International Day of the Girl, and other projects/events through social media.
  • Represent The Salvation Army and your country/territory as a Girl Advocate.
  • Be informed, trained and educated in the language, issues and events used by the UN and The Salvation Army.
  • Learn how to make your involvement impactful; how to use social media to push our messages and agenda, be informed on the language that is used by the UN and The Salvation Army, and how to be a part of global conversations with other girls in The Salvation Army around the world.

UN Reports by Girl Advocates

From the Grassroots to the Global: Why Climate Action Needs Women, Religious Actors and Local Partners

How to Apply

Applications for this year's cohort is now closed! Please stay tuned for updates for the next year's cohort.