Seeking Justice Together

Who We Are

The International Social Justice Commission is The Salvation Army's strategic voice to advocate for human dignity and social justice with the world's poor and oppressed. We are part of The Salvation Army’s International Headquarters and our office is based in New York City.

Why We Seek Justice

  • To promote a vision of justice based on the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. 
  • To advocate and advise on social, economic, political issues and events which lead to the perpetuation of injustice in the world. 
  • To amplify the voices of poor, marginalized and oppressed people and translate their real life insights into policies, practices and life-giving opportunities.

‘God is still leading and blessing the Army. With that comes a clear call … to link who we are with the very essence of what we do, the mission that is ours. […] It is a call to be a justice-focused Army.’- The Officer – July-September 2018

How we seek justice - Our Methods

COMMUNICATION: By various means of communication, the ISJC will broadcast the plans, goals and practices relative to ISJC mission, values and progress, with a particular emphasis on the use of social media.

ADVOCACY: ISJC will actively partner with others (including the united nations) in the pursuit of justice, with the intention of effecting changes in policies, attitudes, and behaviours.

RESEARCH: The ISJC will investigate issues and questions, providing tools for measuring and documenting social justice.

EDUCATION: ISJC will produce resources to inform and equip others with knowledge to seek justice together.

International Social Justice Commission - Goals

  • INCREASE PASSION FOR JUSTICE IN THE SALVATION ARMY FAMILY: The Salvation Army (officers, soldiers, employees and volunteers) at
    all levels show increasing capacity to seek justice together in the world and in the Army.
  • INSPIRE LEADERS TO SEEK JUSTICE: Salvation Army leaders at corps, centre, division, territorial and international level are inspired and
    connected to seek justice together in the world and in the Army.
  • INFLUENCE GLOBAL PARTNERS FOR GOD’S JUSTICE: Salvation Army personnel influence and learn from global partners, policy makers
    and networks to promote justice and peace.

Meet the Team

Photo of Janet Munn

Colonel Janet Munn

Janet has given many summers of her life to summer camping ministry for underprivileged children and youth. In contexts ranging from local, regional, to international, she calls people to prayer, and to personal transformation in community.

She has been an officer in The Salvation Army for over 30 years and has served globally in leadership, and in local Salvation Army congregations, both urban and suburban. Janet served as Principal of the College for Officer Training in Australia and in New York in recent years.

Janet describes the Bible as the most invigorating, disturbing and enlivening thing she has ever read, and is endeavouring to live in the light of it.

Janet is the wife of an Anglo-American-egalitarian-husband and the mother of beautiful, articulate, and blessed young adults, Nealson and Olivia, son-in-law, Pratik and grandson, Roman, all of whom live in New York City.

Colonel Janet Munn and her husband Richard currently serve as Directors of the International Social Justice Commission in New York City.

Photo of Richard Munn

Colonel Richard Munn

Richard Munn was born in London, spent his childhood in the Congo and in 1987 was commissioned as a Salvation Army officer in the USA East.

He and Janet have served as corps officers, divisional leaders, USA East territorial cabinet and principals of the International College for Officers, London, UK.

Recently Richard served as Chief Secretary, Australia East and Secretary for Theology and Christian Ethics, USA East.

He and Janet currently serve as directors of the International Social Justice Commission, New York City.

Richard received a Doctor of Ministry Degree from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. His thesis assesses the egalitarian leadership model of The Salvation Army.

Richard and Janet have two young adult children, Nealson, Olivia, married to Pratik Munn-Shirsath, with grandson Roman, all residing in New York City.

Photo of Victoria Edmonds

Major Victoria Edmonds
Senior United Nations Representative

Major Victoria Edmonds was born in Brooklyn, New York, but grew up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where she learned the culture and traditions of her own heritage, the Tuscarora Nations of Native Americans.

Victoria has served in numerous corps appointments including the New York Harlem Temple Corps. She has served in Divisional Headquarters appointments, as well as the League of Mercy/Community Care Secretary and Chaplain for the Women's Shelters in New York City. She has also served in the Caribbean, along with her husband, with responsibilities for all the Virgin Islands both British and American.

Prior to becoming an officer in The Salvation Army, Victoria served 10 years in the United States Navy. The major has an Associates Degree in Library Science, a Bachelors Degree in Organizational Management and a Masters in Intercultural Studies.

Victoria currently represents The Salvation Army at all levels of United Nations engagements and on NGO Committees. She serves on NGO Executive Committees and is Vice-Chair of the Working Group on Girls.

Photo of James Read

Dr. James Read
Senior Policy Analyst

Dr James Read (Jim) has been a Senior Policy Analyst for the ISJC since 2008, and Chair of the International Moral and Social Issues Council. He devotes half of his time to this work. The other half of his time is spent as the Executive Director of The Salvation Army Ethics Centre in Winnipeg, Canada.

Jim has a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

He is married to Laurie, a nurse who has specialized in end-of-life care. They have three adult children, a son-in-law, a daughter-in-law, and five grandchildren. Laurie and Jim belong to Heritage Park Temple corps in Winnipeg.

One of the delights of his present life is to work alongside other Christians who are seeking justice together.

Photo of Laurelle Smith

Dr. Laurelle Smith
Senior Research Analyst

Dr Laurelle Smith is a salvationist from Wellington, New Zealand and has recently moved to New York to be the ISJC's Research Analyst.

Laurelle completed her undergraduate and Master’s studies in Neuroscience and has a PhD in Medicine from the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. Her PhD studies focused on improving the health, development and future outcomes of New Zealand children with a particular focus on sleep and aimed to increase children’s quality of life, potential, growth, education and development.

Laurelle has a passion for transforming lives through the eradication of social injustice and her role at the ISJC combines this passion with the research skills she acquired during her Master’s and PhD studies.

Photo of Priscilla Santos

Priscilla Santos
International Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Response Coordinator

Before entering her current role, Priscilla Santos served as Western Territory Social Justice& Anti-Trafficking Initiatives Coordinator where she focused on implementing shalom-focused, promising practices approaches throughout its 13 states. And, Priscilla, is an Adjunct Professor at Vanguard University’s Global Center for Women and Justice where she teaches courses on justice & holistic survivor care. She obtains a Masters in Intercultural Studies, specializing in International Development & Children at Risk from Fuller Theological Seminary.

Furthering social justice and fostering a spirit of empowerment and inclusivity in those she works with to see them reach their full potential, thrive, and contribute toward a more just society is vital to Priscilla’s vocational journey.

Priscilla is Cuban-American living in Los Angeles, CA with her husband, daughter and son. As an enneagram 7, she can’t imagine her life without meeting peculiar people, laughing and adventuring.

Photo of Christine Russell-Pritchard

Christine Russell-Pritchard
Operations and Digital Communications Manager

Christine was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and is a Salvationist from the USA Eastern Territory. Following her graduation from Roberts Wesleyan College, Christine and her husband moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where they resided for six years. While there, Christine worked for the state as a representative to the Dekalb County Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children and as a licensed Foster and Adoptive parent trainer. Following state certification, she began working independently for private foster care and adoption agencies specializing in the placement of children with special needs.

Christine moved to New York City in 2002, where she began working as the GAINS (Greater Academic Incentives to Nurture Success) Coordinator for The Salvation Army of Greater New York. Following a period home with her two children, Eliza and Hudson, Christine returned to work independently as her company-provided resources, curriculum, and consultation for organizations working with at-risk youth.

Christine joined the ISJC team in July of 2019 and is thrilled to be Seeking Justice Together.

Photo of Christine Vole-Sterckx

Major Christine Volet-Sterckx
Senior United Nations Representative, Geneva

Major Christine Volet-Sterckx was born in Kinshasa, DRC. She is a nurse by training and was commissioned as a Salvation Army officer in 1987. Christine completed her training with theology study, pastoral care, human resources management and coaching.

Together with her husband and her youngest son, Christine served in Haïti (2010 -2013). This experience left a deep impression on her and strengthened her interest in the needs of families living in poverty. She was particularly challenged by the need of developing a highly respectful approach to her neighbors, where they can be listened to and their resources valued.

Christine is passionate about community development, challenged by poverty and injustice, and very aware of the call to defend the rights of everyone and commit herself to the fight of injustice and inequality.

Photo of Joseph Muindi

Major Joseph Muindi
Senior United Nations Representative, Nairobi

Major Joseph Muindi an officer of Kenya East Territory is the current Training Principal of Officer Training College in the territory. Married to Major Mary Muindi and are blessed with three children (one boy and 2 girls).

Commissioned in December 2000 as an Ambassadors of Grace session. Before joining Officership he was teacher who rose to be an administrator.He has had 4 Corps appointment, an administrator in a Visually Impaired School to overseer Salvation Army operations, tutor for three and half years in Officer Training College and a Command Leader in two Districts and in one Division.

Major has been a Chairperson of National Council Churches of Kenya (NCCK) in Lower Eastern Region for five years. He has worked to alleviate poverty in lower part of Makueni, Machakos and Eastland part of Nairobi by introducing Income Generating Activities with the wife Major Mary Muindi who is currently the Coordinator of Global Sally Ann (Others) Kenya and Director for Special Services.

Joseph completed his BA in Biblical Studies in 2015 in KAG EAST University in Nairobi which was before affiliated to Global University in USA. Currently he is pursuing a Master degree in the same discipline at African International University formally known as NEGEST. Joseph believes a leader should illuminate others to match the times. Lead by example


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