Colonel Wendy Swan is Canadian by birth and global citizen by choice. Wendy’s 26 years of international appointments in the Americas, South Pacific and East Asia and Africa zones of The Salvation Army along with teaching opportunities in Europe and South America position her well to lead and facilitate global conversations in social justice issues.


In addition to her appointment as Director of the International Social Justice Commission, she is also the Chair of the International Moral and Social Issues Council of The Salvation Army as well as a sitting member of its International Theological Council.

Colonel Wendy holds a PhD in Systematic Theology (King’s College, London) whose thesis articulated a theology of protest for The Salvation Army in its fight against injustices amongst the poor and marginalized of the world. Published in 2022 Living Right While Righting Wrong, the work challenges Salvationists and the global church to work together to transform individual lives and communities.


Colonel Ian Swan was born in KwaZulu – Natal, South Africa from where he began an international journey of discovery that would take him around the world to experience the ministry, service, and contextual expressions of The Salvation Army in all five of its Global Operational Zones.An educationalist by professional training and conviction, Colonel Ian greatly enjoys partnerships with fellow educators, NGOs, and Government Partners who strive to create and support holistic transformational change for individuals and communities. This passion is married to a strong commitment to listen to stakeholders and communities of practice so that grassroots ownership and accountability are mutually understood. Colonel Ian has served previously as the VP Academic Dean of Booth University Canada, as a member of the Board of Directors for the United Wesleyan Graduate Institute HK, and a member of the Board of Directors for the Macau University College of Social Work.


Major Victoria Edmonds was born in Brooklyn, New York, but grew up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where she learned the culture and traditions of her own heritage, the Tuscarora Nations of Native Americans.

Victoria has served in numerous corps appointments including the New York Harlem Temple Corps. She has served in Divisional Headquarters appointments, as well as the League of Mercy/Community Care Secretary and Chaplain for the Women's Shelters in New York City.She has also served in the Caribbean, along with her husband, with responsibilities for all the Virgin Islands both British and American.

Prior to becoming an officer in The Salvation Army, Victoria served 10 years in the United States Navy. The major has an Associates Degree in Library Science, a Bachelors Degree in Organizational Management and a Masters in Intercultural Studies. Victoria currently represents The Salvation Army at all levels of United Nations engagements and on NGO Committees. She serves on NGO Executive Committees and is Vice-Chair of the Working Group on Girls.


Major Christine Volet-Sterckx was born in Kinshasa, DRC. She is a nurse by training and was commissioned as a Salvation Army officer in 1987. Christine completed her training with theology study, pastoral care, human resources management and coaching. Together with her husband and her youngest son, Christine served in Haïti (2010 -2013).

This experience left a deep impression on her and strengthened her interest in the needs of families living in poverty. She was particularly challenged by the need of developing a highly respectful approach to her neighbors, where they can be listened to and their resources valued.

Christine is passionate about community development, challenged by poverty and injustice, and very aware of the call to defend the rights of everyone and commit herself to the fight of injustice and inequality.


Major Jacob Kinyua is an officer of Kenya East Territory. He grew up in a Christian family which impacted his life greatly and led to his conviction to choose Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour. Jacob is married to Major Agnes Kinyua and is blessed with two beautiful children: Gloria and Chris.

Jacob was commissioned as an officer of The Salvation Army in November 2004 – Preparers of the Way Session. He has served in four different corps in both the Kenya West and Kenya East Territories, five years as the Education Officer in the Officers’ Training College in Kenya and is currently the Business Administrator at the SALT College of Africa and Resource Centre.

Jacob holds a Bachelor of Theology degree from Kenya Methodist University and is currently working on the final stages of his Master of Arts in Religious Studies. His thesis focuses on the role of religion as a vehicle for disabled persons’ education.

One of the delights of his present life is to work alongside other Christians who are seeking justice together.


Laurelle Smith is a Salvationist from Wellington, New Zealand. She completed her undergraduate and Master’s studies in Neuroscience and has a PhD in Medicine from the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Her PhD studies focused on improving the health, development and future outcomes of New Zealand children with a particular focus on sleep and aimed to increase children’s quality of life, potential, growth, education and development.

Laurelle has a passion for transforming lives through the eradication of social injustice and her role at the ISJC combines this passion with the research skills she acquired during her Master’s and PhD studies.


Before entering her current role, Priscilla Santos served as Western Territory Social Justice & Anti-Trafficking Initiatives Coordinator where she focused on implementing shalom-focused, promising practices approaches throughout its 13 states. Priscilla is also an Adjunct Professor at Vanguard University’s Global Center for Women and Justice where she teaches courses on justice & holistic survivor care.

She obtained a Master’s degree in Intercultural Studies, specialising in International Development & Children at Risk from Fuller Theological Seminary. Furthering social justice and fostering a spirit of empowerment and inclusivity in those she works with, in order to see them reach their full potential, thrive, and contribute toward a more just society is vital to Priscilla’s vocational journey.

Priscilla is Cuban-American living in Los Angeles, CA with her husband, daughter, and son. As an enneagram 7, she can’t imagine her life without meeting peculiar people, laughing and adventuring.


Christine was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and is a Salvationist from the USA Eastern Territory. Following her graduation from Roberts Wesleyan College, Christine and her husband moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where they resided for six years. While there, Christine worked for the state as a representative to the Dekalb County Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children and as a licensed Foster and Adoptive parent trainer. Following state certification, she began working independently for private foster care and adoption agencies specializing in the placement of children with special needs.

Christine moved to New York City in 2002, where she began working as the GAINS (Greater Academic Incentives to Nurture Success) Coordinator for The Salvation Army of Greater New York. Following a period home with her two children, Eliza and Hudson, Christine returned to work independently as her company-provided resources, curriculum, and consultation for organizations working with at-risk youth. Christine joined the ISJC team in July of 2019 and is thrilled to be Seeking Justice Together.


Angelica Ruth Sulit is a salvationist from the Philippine Territory. She was born and raised in the Salvation Army and is currently serving in Sta. Barbara Corps, where her parents, Majors Roderick and Abigail Sulit, serve as officers.

With her interest in digital communications, she took up her bachelor’s degree in Development Communication at Occidental Mindoro State College, where she graduated with Latin honours. She also obtained her license as a professional teacher in 2019. Angelica worked as a university instructor prior to her internship with the ISJC.

Angelica loves music and she uses her spare time to learn foreign languages. She also loves writing poetry and stories. She believes that her experiences with The Salvation Army have greatly influenced her desire to share God’s love to others. Having been chosen as the Digital Communications Intern for the ISJC is a great opportunity to use her passions and abilities for the mission of sharing God’s love to a wider sphere of people.


Kayla Calvo graduated in 2020 from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Arts/Public Service in Public and Nonprofit Administration and a minor in International Affairs. She continued her education at Rutgers and graduated in 2021 with a Master’s in Public Administration with a concentration in Technology and Information Management.

Kayla has been connected to the ISJC since she was 13 years old when she became a Salvation Army Girl Advocate to the UN Working Group on Girls and attended Commission on the Status of Women where she spoke on ‘Violence Against the Girl Child’. Kayla was then invited to speak on the topic on ‘Fulfilling the Rights of Indigenous Children: Successes and Challenges’ as part of the celebration for the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 2012. She continues to be involved with the Working Group on Girls as the Youth Representative for The Salvation Army.

Kayla is currently preparing to travel back to South Korea to work for the Korean Ministry of Education as an English Teacher.


Born and raised in a salvationist family, Joy is a soldier from Igbobi Corps in Lagos City Division, Nigeria Territory. She is passionate about music and most especially the Guitar. She trains young people who are interested in playing the Guitar and She is also a member of the corps band and praise team.Joy holds a BSc. degree in Chemistry and she is also well experienced in the experiential marketing space. Prior, to her internship with the ISJC, She worked as a Key Account Executive in a top experiential marketing agency in Nigeria. With an interest in social media management and an enthusiasm for the growth of the corps, Joy volunteered as a Social Media Manager in her Corps where she, alongside other members of the media team created an online presence for the corps. In 2020, whilst the world was hit with COVID19 pandemic, and Nigeria also faced with increasing records of police brutality and social injustice, Joy and her team organized a musical concert aimed at speaking up against police brutality and social injustice.Joy is purpose driven and has a heart to serve.


Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Isabel is a sixth-generation Salvationist and grandchild of Salvation Army officers. As a member of the Torrance Corps, she served as worship leader for a number of years and continued this musical passion as a member of the Western Territorial Youth Chorus.

As the daughter of a Mexican-American mother and a British father, she understood the importance of an international perspective and cultural awareness from an early age. This influenced her decision to pursue her Bachelor’s in Political Science with an emphasis on International Relations, as well as a minor in Public Policy from the University of California at Berkeley, where she graduated in 2021. During her college years, she also competed as a member of the #1 ranked NPDA debate team in the nation.

Isabel plans to pursue a Master’s in Public Policy and is determined to make her community, and others like it, a more equitable place to live. She believes that social justice is an integral part of her faith and is excited to use her talents as the Content and Resource Development Intern.


Malaika Oringo works with The Salvation Army as The International Survivor and Engagement Specialist and as an Independent Consultant on Human Trafficking and Gender-based violence. She is the founder of Footprint to Freedom, a survivor-led organization that works to break the cycle of human trafficking in East Africa and the Netherlands.

As the Survivor Engagement Specialist for The Salvation Army and Founder of Footprint to freedom, she argues for a bottom-up approach. Her expertise affirms that survivors are the most relevant stakeholders in the fight against human trafficking.

As a speaker and campaigner, Oringo has highlighted gaps in European legislation and policy against human trafficking and UN General Assembly. She has also advised on best practices that can provide victim-centered trauma-informed and survivor-centered approaches to improve response to survivors' and victims' needs. She serves as a member of the International survivor of human trafficking Advisory Council under the (OSCE).