Territorial Leaders: Commissioners John Kumar Dasari & Mani Kumari Dasari  (1st November 2020)

Territorial Commander: Commissioner John Kumar Dasari (1st November 2020)
Territorial President of Women's Ministries: Commissioner Mani Kumari Dasari (1st November 2020)
Chief Secretary: Lieut-Colonel  Lalbulliana Tlau (1st January 2022)
Territorial Secretary for Women's Ministries: Lieut-Colonel Lalnunhlui Khawlhring (1st January 2022)

Territorial Headquarters:

High Ground Road, Maharajanagar P.O,
Tirunelveli – 627 011, Tamil Nadu, South India
Tel address: Salvation, Tirunelveli; tel [91] (462) 2574331/ 2574313

The Salvation Army operation commenced on 27 May 1892 as a result of the vision received by Major Deva Sundaram at “Medicine Hill” near Nagercoil in Kanyakumari District, while praying and fasting with three officers when the persecution in Southern Tamil Nadu was at its height. In October 1970 the Tamil-speaking part of Southern India Territory became a separate entity as the Army experienced rapid growth.

States included in the territory: Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry

'The Salvation Army' in Tamil: Ratchaniya Senai in Malayalam : Raksha Sainyam

Languages in which the gospel is preached: English, Malayalam, Tamil

Periodicals: Chiruveeran (Tamil), Home League Quarterly, Poresatham (Tamil), The Officer (Tamil)