India Eastern Territory


Territorial Leader: Commissioners Lalzamlova and Nemkhanching (Nu-i)  (1st July 2017)

Territorial Commander: Commissioner Lalzamlova (1st July 2017)
Territorial President of Women's Ministries : Commissioner Nemkhanching (Nu-i) (1st July 2017)

Chief Secretary : Lieut-Colonel S. P. Simon (1st January 2019)
Territorial Secretary Women's Ministries: Lieut-Colonel Annamma Simon (1st January 2019)

Territorial Headquarters:
PO Box 5, Aizawl 796001, Mizoram, India
Tel address: ‘Salvation Aizawl’; tel [91] (0389) 2322290 (EPABX)/ 2321864; fax: [91] (0389) 2326123;

Work in the region commenced on 26 April 1917 when Lieutenant Kawl Khuma, the first Mizo officer commissioned in India, returned to start the Army work. He was then joined by a group of earnest believers who shared his vision of an ‘Army like a church, very much in line with The Salvation Army’.

India Eastern became a separate command on 1 June 1991 and became a territory in 1993.

States included in the territory: Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Maghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, Tripura, West Bengal (part) and the Kingdom of Bhutan

'The Salvation Army' in Mizo: Chhandamma Sipai Pawl

Langauages in which the gospel is preached: Adhibasi, Bengali, Bru, English, HIndi, Hmar, Manipuri (Meitei), Mizo, Nagamese, Nepali, Paite, Pali, Simte, Thadou, Vaiphai

Periodicals: Sipai Tlangau (Mizo War Cry), The Officer (Mizo), Young Salvationists (Mizo), Chunnunpar (Mizo Women's Ministries magazine)