India is The Salvation Army's oldest mission field. Frederick St. George de Latour Tucker, of the Indian Civil Service, read a copy of The War Cry, became a Salvationist and, as Major Tucker (later Commissioner Booth-Tucker), took the Indian name of Fakir Singh and commenced Army's work in Bombay on 19th September 1882. The adoption of Indian food, dress, names and customs gave the pioneers ready access to the people, especially in the villages.

In addition to evangelistic work, various social programmes were commenced for the relief of distress from famine, flood and epidemic. Educational facilities such as elementary, secondary and industrial school, cottage industries and settlements were provided for the depressed classes. Medical work originated in Nagercoil in 1893 when Captain (Dr.) Harry Andrews set up a dispensary at the headquarters there. The medical work has grown from this. Work among the then Criminal Tribes began in 1908 at government invitation.

The Salvation Army is registered as a Guarantee Company under the Indian Companies Act. 1913. The name of the company is "The Salvation Army". The Chairman of this association is Commissioner Wilfred Varghese and Secretary of this association is Colonel John Kumar Dasari.

The National Office (India National Secretariat) for India serves the country's six territories. The Conference of Indian Leaders (COIL), established in 1989, meets annually to coordinate national Salvation Army affairs and give direction to the National Executive Officer.

Several national offices had been established in earlier years, including the Editorial, Literary and Audit Offices. The establishment of Salvation Army Health Services Advisory Council (SAHSAC) in 1986 was a regionally based support to many aspects of Salvation Army work in India.

An administrative reorganization took place in 2008 which resulted in all the Secretarial departments being brought together in one building under the leadership of a National Executive Officer with the result that, for the first time, the India National Office can function as a whole and not as separate departments.

National Executive Officer: Colonel Lalhmingliana Hmar (Effective from 1st November 2020)

Secretary for Women's Development: Colonel Lalhlimpuii Chawngthu (Effective from 1st November 2020)

Chief Financial Officer & Project Secretary: Captain Aseervadam Cheeli

Editorial & Education Secretary: Captain Latha Cheeli (effective from 1st August 2019)

Secretary for Human Resources Development: Major Samson Macwan

Cashier, Maintenance & Facility Officer: Major Kalpana Macwan

Health & Emergency Secretary: TBA

Social and Anti Human Trafficking Secretary: TBA

Zonal Child Protection Specialist: Major Jashiben Khristi (effective from 1st August 2019)


Postal Address:
India National Office
The Salvation Army
37, Lenin Sarani (1st Floor), Dharamtala post,
P. O. Box. 8994, Kolkata - 700013, West Bengal, India
Phone: [91] (33) 2249 7210