Territorial Leaders: Commissioners Daniel Raju Dasari & Baby Sarojini Dasari (1st January 2023)

Territorial Commander: Commissioner Daniel Raju Dasari (1st January 2023)
Territorial President of Women's Ministries: Commissioner Baby Sarojini Dasari (1st January 2023)

Chief Secretary: Lieut-Colonel Zothanmawia Khiangte (1st May 2023)
Territorial Secretary for Women's Ministries: Lieut-Colonel Vanlalnungi Thiak (1st May 2023)

Territorial Headquarters:

79A Sheikh Hafizuddin Marg, Byculla, Mumbai 400 008, India
Postal address: PO Box 4510, Mumbai 400 008
Tel address: Salvation Byculla Mumbai; tel [91] (022) 2308 4705/ 23071140;


The Salvation Army began its work in Bombay (later Mumbai) in 1882 as a pioneer party led by Major Frederick Tucker and including Veerasoriya, a Sri Lankan convert, who invaded India with the love and compassion of Jesus. Bombay (Mumbai) was the capital of Bombay province, which included Gujarat and Maharashtra, and the first headquarters in India was in a rented building at Khatwadi. Among the early converts was Walter Keil, a burgher from Ceylon. Within a few weeks, with the adopted name of Yesu Patham, he was engaged in full-time service. He became the first officer of the territory to be admitted to the Order of the Founder. From these beginnings, the work of God grew in Bombay Province. Various models of administration were tried for the work in Gujarat and Maharashtra until the India Western Territory was established in 1921. Evangelistic work in Gujarat began with an invitation from Ranipur village near Ahmedabad.

States included in the territory: Goa, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan'

'The Salvation Army' in Gujarati and Marathi: Mukti Fauj

Languages in which the gospel is preached: English, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil

Periodicals: Home League Yearly (English, Gujarati and Marathi); The War Cry, The Young Soldier (Gujarati and Marathi)