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General's Christmas Message: A people of Peace
01 December 2020
THE year 2020 has been unique, interesting, and challenging. We have lived through a global pandemic,
Greetings from newly appointed South Asia Zonal Leaders
24 November 2020
With rededication of our Officer Covenant, in obedience to God, and to our General, we have accepted the new responsibility of Zonal Leadership.
COVID-19 Relief Programmes in India Northern Territory
07 June 2020
The entire world is under the clutches of the global crisis Corona. As our whole country is lockdown due to this pandemic...
A Report on our response to Coronavirus, India South Western Territory
06 June 2020
On the wake of coronavirus; by love compelled, the officers and soldiers of India South Western Territory came into the front line...
General's Easter Message: Healed and Made Whole
20 March 2020
Surely he took on our infirmities and carried our sorrows; yet we considered him stricken by God, struck down and afflicted.
The General and WPWM visit to IWT
18 March 2020
The international leader General Brian Peddle, and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle World President of Women's Ministries were warmly welcomed
The General and WPWM shared and received God's blessings in INT
18 March 2020
SALVATIONISTS and friends in the India Northern Territory enjoyed a week of celebration, joy, encouragement, love, transformation
Christmas Annual Function, Batala, INT
20 February 2020 | Author: Buddha Dev
17 December 2019 was a blessed day for The Salvation Army Educational Institution, Batala. On that day, We celebrated Christmas and Annual function.
Officers' Children fellowship, IWT
20 February 2020 | Author: Buddha Dev
Under the leadership of Commissioner Edwin Masih, Territorial Commander & Commissioner Sumita Masih, TPWM on 14 December, 2019
Retired Officers Christmas Celebration, IWT
20 February 2020
On 13th December 2019 retired officer's annual fellowship and Christmas celebration meeting was held at Anand Community hall
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