Faith-inspired engagement in the UN agenda
16 September 2015
Lt Colonel Dean Pallant represents The Salvation Army at a meeting of the Alliance of Religions and Conservation with the UNDP in Bristol, England.
United Nations adopts post-2015 agenda
28 August 2015
"Earlier this week, the 193 Member States of the United Nations agreed a document that will shape the world's development agenda for the next 15 years."
Up For School
18 August 2015
The Salvation Army is supporting the Up For School initiative. Please sign the petition and encourage others to do so. Every name counts.
Boundless: Faith and Social Justice
15 July 2015 | Author: Dean Pallant
Gordon Brown, General Cox and Andrew Felton on faith and social justice
A Moral Imperative to End Extreme Poverty - Salvation Army gives full backing
09 April 2015 | Author: Dean Pallant
Moral Imperative, Extreme Poverty, World Bank, Faith, Faith in Action, Social Justice
Action /2015
21 January 2015 | Author: Victoria Edmonds
Making a difference and engaging in world conversations.
Ending Violence against Women
05 December 2014 | Author: Victoria Edmonds
Ending Violence against Women Campaign
2014 International Day of the Girl
08 October 2014 | Author: Victoria Edmonds
Girls speaking out on the International Day of the Girl
The United Nations launch of HeforShe Campaign
29 September 2014 | Author: Victoria Edmonds
UN lauch of new campagin engaging men in speaking out about Violence agaisnt Women
The Salvation Army Responds in Liberia
17 September 2014 | Author: Victoria Edmonds
Ebola outbreak in Liberia
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